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Zirkus ON Paper

Zirkus ONpaper is a growing collection of artistic publications, magazines and creation guides related to circus arts as a collective ressource in the Zirkus ONknowledge transfer since 2022.

The Zirkus ONpaper is a curated collection by Zirkus ON artists, team and partners and includes genre-specific literature and creation manuals related to circus arts, performing arts and topics regarding culture and society in German, French and English written language.

In summer of 2023, Zirkus ONpaper took a mobile library on a first festival tour in Germany as. Then, all interested visitors could discover circus arts from page to stage in collaboration with the partners of the Zirkus ON creation alliance and cooperations.
Tour stops 2023:

MAY: Zirkus ON Auftaktpräsentationen - Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen
JUNE: Besucherzentrum - Zirkustheater Festival, Dresden
JUNE: Genussufer - LA STRADA Bremen, Bremen
AUGUST: BUZZ-Netzwerktreffen - Composé Festival, Jena
NOVEMBER: Zirkus ONstage - Pro Festival  - Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin


Zirkus ON Paper
Overview of available Ressources

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