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Klub Girko/Josef Stiller + Moritz Grenz

Responsive Round

A performer moves in a small circle with balancing and falling bamboo sticks. Not only does he manipulate the bamboo sticks, but he also manipulates the focus and attention of the audience. A surprising sound design makes the seduction perfect.

What began as a solo by Josef Stiller has developed into a duet in collaboration with Moritz Grenz as sound designer. An architect is now added for a new production, because in "Responsive Round - The Next Step" (working title) the team is now working at full speed under the name KLUB GIRKO on the question:  How do we open the space to a larger audience? How do we reach the viewers in the 3rd row?

Info Performance:

Short version “Responsive Round”:  35 mins  Stage diameter 6m + 2 rows of chairs

Author/Performer: Josef Stiller

Sound designer: Moritz Grenz

Eye from outside: Ganna Poppea Veenhuijsen

Advice: Ute Classen


Long version "Responsive Round - The Next Step": Premiere expected at the end of 2022

Authors: Josef Stiller, Moritz Grenz

Architecture/stage design: Thomas Bohne

Eye from outside: Joan Català Carrasco

Advice: Ute Classen



Responsive Round: Zirkus On, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, circus re:searched, keep an eye project, Buro Piket Imaginarius Creation Center, Studio 44 Nordhausen, Ehrenfeldstudios Cologne, Kreativkultur Vienna, Maison du Jonglage Paris

Responsive Round – The Next Step: Performing Arts Fund from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, T-Werk Potsdam, Maschinenhaus Essen

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