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the optimists

Bad Science/lost instars

The Berlin collective The Optimists (artists Matthias Buhrow and Aleksandras Lempertas) researches processes and changes in their short piece “Bad Science”. With the means of the circus, object theater and digital sound and image technologies, they create multi-sensory experiential spaces for metamorphoses between cyborg, human and insect. The audience is invited to accompany her on this darkly comical psychedelic journey.

Circus On  The funded experiment "Bad Science" (20 min - premiere 2020, Festival ATOLL Karlsruhe) will grow into a full-length piece "Lost Instars" in 2021, thanks to the support of NEUSTART / Fonds DaKu and T-Werk Potsdam (60 min, premiere expected in 2022, T- Plant Potsdam).

Short version "Bad Science": black box, 20 min, 8 x 6 m

Long version "Lost Instars": black box, 60 min, 8 x 8 m (from 2022)

Creation/Performance: Aleksandras Lempertas, Matthias Buhrow

Directed by Jörg Schiebe

Production advice: Ute Classen


Bad Science: Circus On, Tollhaus Karlsruhe

Lost Instars: Performing Arts Fund from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, T-Werk Potsdam


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