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About the show

A large chariot on short routes, on the one hand following a centuries-old tradition, on the other a contemporary reference to travelling circus life. Lasterhaft is a one-woman travelling stage that writes its own history.

About La Tanik

Carmen La Tanik is a street show artist and street theatre maker. She has been performing under the name La Tanik at national and international engagements since 2012. Originally from Franconia, the cultural/social educator and circus artist, who specialises in hula hoop, lived, studied and trained at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmengen (HAN) in the Netherlands and the centro de artes urbanas (CAU) circus school in Spain, among others. She has been living on wheels for over 20 years. She tours, moves and performs in her purple 7.5-tonne lorry with its truck stage and her shows "Carmela!" and "Salon Desastre". In these, the artist combines
object manipulation, dance, acrobatics, hula hoop, equilibristics, speech and comedy to create a unique
performance. Her shows are characterised by interaction with the audience.
Humour as well as feminism are an integral part of her artistic work.  She translates her personal experiences as a travelling artist and single woman into artistry and shares them with her audience with a great deal of humour. She draws on the countless mishaps, encounters and observations she has experienced while travelling.

Project initiator, author, performer: Carmen La Tanik

Dramaturgy: Sabine Rieck

Production support: Elisa Salamanca

Co n t a c t 
Facebook: latanik 
Instagram: la_tanik_show

Pictures: Franzi Schardt / Jean-Pierre Estourn

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