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Sinking Sideways


Sinking Sideways is a contemporary collective consisting of Xenia Bannuscher (DE), Dries Vanwalle (BE) and Raf Pringuet. Our vision is based on monodisciplinarity (dance acrobatics), a choreographic approach and the research of movement possibilities of the human body.

In René, our first show (created and deformed by Xenia and Dries), we work with repetitions of a certain movement. From there we want to find out: how deep can we delve into this research, how far can we push the concept and our bodies; and how can we share our fascination with the audience?

Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

Venue: 5x6m (plus enough space for audience, ideal: 3m on each side), audience seated on all 4 sides

indoor/site specific , no suspensions

Performance: Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle

Artistic advice: Thomas Falk, Dagmar Dachauer, Axel Guérin

Music: Jonas Bollinger

Light: Rinus Samyn

Costume: Hanne Prior

Co-production: PERPLX, Theater Op De Markt - Dommelhof, CirkLabo

Support: Circunstruction , Zirkus ON, Circus Dance Festival Cologne, Chateau de Monthelon, Miramiro, Circuscentrum, Latitude50, Cirkus Kolektiv

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