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Knot on hands

Brace for Impact

Knot on Hands is a contemporary partner acrobatics trio featuring Britt Timmermans from the Netherlands, Mario Kunzi from Germany and Tijs Bastiaens from Belgium. They strive to take acrobatics in a new direction with an emphasis on the physical vocabulary of the three bodies.

In Brace for Impact, Knot on Hands explore what it means to be together on a path they don't yet know where it will lead them.

Duration of the performance: 25-30 minutes

Location: Indoor & Outdoor, no suspensions

Performance: Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi, Tijs Bastiaens

Artistic Advice: Merel Heering, Kim Jomi-Fischer & Marta Alstadsæter

Co-Production /Support: Circunstruction , Circus ON


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