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Rita & Rita


Rita & Rita is a duo company consisting of Júlia Campistany (CAT) and Annika Hemmerling (DE). Both met each other in CODARTS. A full-length program, RITA combines physical theater with a trapeze and odd mouth balance on stage. RITA plays in a 25m2 room where the only thing that matters is tea. Inspired by surrealism, the company uses circus vocabulary to narrate the eternal inner dialogue of our diverse personalities through a young woman named RITA.  The show invites laughter, reflection and compassion as the two personalities of RITA slowly grow closer.

Duration of the performance: 50 minutes

Location: Indoor 25m2, a hanging point at a height of at least 5 m

Performance: Annika Hemmerling, Julia Campistany

Artistic advice: Anna-Katharina Andrees, Michael Zandl

Co-production/support: Circunstruction , Circusstad Festival Rotterdam, Zirkus ON

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