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Hybrid (working titel)

About the show

Localisation movements in times of upheaval: Elisa Siegmund uses skates and ice flooring to explore emotional imbalances in a gliding game with gravitational forces. In an autobiographical solo, the artist tells on plastic, as an alternative to ice, of physical challenges, intermediate worlds and the "dream of flying".

About I c e D a n c e T h e a t e r – F u s i o n

IDT-Fusion was founded in 2018 as a project for research and performance in which ice skating is understood exclusively as art.

In her work, Elisa Siegmund combines impulses from contemporary dance with the special gravitational forces on the ice, which create apparent weightlessness, speed and rapid rotations, among other things.

She conducts intensive research into the material available to me: my moving body, skates, the smooth floor and the very specific space. Plastic sheets as an ecologically more sustainable alternative to ice open up new contexts consisting of a lack of cold, their own noises, special gliding properties and flexible application possibilities. IceDanceTheatre-Fusion focuses on tapping into the barely explored artistic potential of this stage floor in dialogue with other art forms.


Concept, Performance | Elisa Siegmund
Production, Outside Eye | Birgit Aust
Dramaturgy | Dr. Maren Witte
Sound Design | n. n.
Technic (light, sound, projections) | n. n.

Co n t a c t
IceDanceTheater-Fusion / Elisa Siegmund
+49 178 4 90 60 40
Instagram @icedancetheaterfusion

Pictures: Franzi Schardt

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