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Revue Sorry

Dear Doubts

From the smallest banality to the big question of life, we make decisions every day. Each of them has a consequence, leaves a mark, a memory, occasionally a scar. Sometimes regret follows. Revue Regret captures precisely this moment of doubt with atmospherically dense images. A Cyr Wheel circles the urgent “What if” in stroboscopic light, while a persistent “Maybe” staggers along the vertical rope. The fall could be as deep as regret at any time.


Sword swallowing and live tattooing become drastic images of choice and finality. A dead fox watches over all this. Prepared for eternity, as the narrator he holds together the strands of fate of the protagonists Lisa Chudalla and Jakob Jacobsson.

Duration of the performance: 55 minutes

Location: 8x6x6m, indoor, suspension for rope, darkness required, use of strobe light

Performance: Lisa Chudalla & Jakob Jacobsson

Artistic advice: Gerindo Kartadinata, Zusanne Piwonka, Yolande Sommer

Co-production/support: Fonds Daku, Workspace Dynamo, Zirkus ON



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