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Compagnie بلبل bolbol

OMÂ is an auto-fictional circus solo by the juggler and performer Roxana Küwen Arsalan. It's about the coincidence of our origins and privileges, about the boxes we put ourselves and others in, and the power and absurdity of these boxes. At times funny and ironic, at times thoughtful and poetic, at times provocative, the piece by the German-Iranian artist fits in with the demand for a new naturalness of diversity. With movement, juggling and language, "Omâ" shows how valuable it can be to complicate your life in order to be yourself.

Duration of the performance: 50 / 35 minutes

For theater / quiet outdoors

from 10 years / from 6 years

Stage: 6 x 7 x 3m

Project initiator, author and interpreter: Roxana Küwen Arsalan

Technical-visual accomplice: Camellia Rashidi

Scenic-dramaturgical accomplice: Nele Cleo Liekenbrock

Artistic accompaniment: Lucie Boulay

Production support: Lorraine Burger

Administration/Production: La Superette -

The project is supported as part of the NRW artist scholarship “Let’s go” and the advanced training FOCON – formalization of the project ESACTO’Lido Toulouse and is supported as part of Studio PACT.

Co-production: La Maison des Jonglages La Courneuve (FR), Carré Magique Lannion Pôle national de Cirque Bretagne (FR), La Grainerie Balma (FR)

Residences: Latitude 50 Marchin Belgium / Espace Periphérique Paris / La Maison des Jonglages La Courneuve FR / La Grainerie Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l'itinérance FR / La Cascade FR / Le Carré Magique FR / Station Circus Basel CH / Tollhaus Karlsruhe / DasHaus Ludwigshafen / Center Culturel du Brabant Wallon BE

facebook: Roxana Küwen Arsalan and Roxana Isabell instagram: roxana.k.arsalan

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