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Lemon Press Collective
The trace of the Snail


“The Trace of the Snail” is a circus exploration of softness, emotionality and vulnerability.

This first creation from the Lemon Press Collective will focus on the process of “softening the hard shell”. Too often we hide our weaknesses and fears, but also our gentleness, behind a facade because we want to be seen as strong. We build walls around ourselves that protect us from the outside world, but also isolate us from it.

We are fascinated by the moment this protective shell is let go. The moment when we come out of cover, when we can admit defeat and ask for help.

We are all characterized by trying to appear strong and confident at all times, but what if that isn't the best strategy?

In “the Trace of the Snail” we want to explore the soft, the caring, the small and the fragile, because we believe there is a beauty and strength all its own.

Duration of the performance: 30-40 minutes

Location: Theater/indoor

Realization and creation: Meike Schnapper, Aurélie Tercier

Co-production: PERPLX, Kortrijk (BE)

Dossier (EN) - updated version Nov 2022
Dossier (FR) - updated version Nov 2022
Dossier (EN_printfriendly) - updated version Nov 2022

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