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Podcast Episodes Zirkus ON air

Zirkus ONair is a podcast by Zirkus ON, the creation alliance for circus arts. In this collection of voices from different circus art perspectives, people from and around the creative alliance talk about how they came to circus art and share impressions from their fields of activity within contemporary circus. 

Further information on Zirkus ON is also available here:   

Production for Zirkus ON: Daan Mackel 
Concept & Coordination for Zirkus ON: Daan Mackel and Marina Rieger  

This podcast is only available in German and is part of the collective resources within the framework of Zirkus ON knowledge transfer. 
Folge 1 - Zirkus ON air  mit Kolja Huneck & Marina Rieger
Programmitarbeitende bei Zirkus ON
Folge 2 - Zirkus ONair mit Friedemann Ziepert
Bündnispartner festival composé
Folge 3 - Zirkus ONair mit Cox Ahlers
Mentorin im Zirkus ON Kreationsprogramm

(alle Videos zu und von Zirkus ON)



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