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Das Kreationsbündnis



Zirkus ON is the creation alliance for circus arts in and from Germany.

By means of knowledge transfer, mentoring, residencies, presentations, production support as well as early connection to professional structures, Zirkus ON brings together aspiring circus artists, organizers, educational institutions and performance venues nationwide

– to promote quality, joy in experimentation, audience acquisition, touring, aesthetic discourses and the recognition of contemporary circus.

Zirkus ON, a residency and mentoring programme

Zirkus ON is a wide-ranging residency programme which supports contemporary circus artists comprehensively and sustainably in the creation of their pieces. Zirkus ON and its alliance partners offer the artists a safe space to develop, try out and implement new formats and ideas for a period of two years. In the first year, selected projects receive three residences at a partner institution, which contributes to a first close exchange between artists and organizers. These are accompanied by support through artistic and production mentoring by experienced experts.


Zirkus ON, a creation alliance


Zirkus ON creates a networking structure which connects circus professionals in the German circus landscape (artists, venues, organizers, educational institutions, free scene). The selected projects benefit from an early connection to professional structures. In 2024, a total of 16 partner institutions will enable, support and accompany the programme and join their resources. The alliance partners are in close exchange and meet at least twice a year to develop the programme further. Networking does not only take place on national level though, but also on European level.

Zirkus ON, a label

Zirkus ON productions are to become prominent representatives of the contemporary circus’ genre-spanning manner of creating.  Through this label, the aim is to contribute to an increased national and international visibility of German productions. Thus, Zirkus ON creates a win/win situation for artists and partner institutions.



ANDREE_1Y2A4300-2_Copyright_Kolja Huneck_edited.jpg

Andree Wenzel*

is a circus artist, choreographer and artistic developer of Zirkus ON, as well as founder and director of the Hamburg circus festival Lurupina.

"Zirkus ON is an exciting, trendsetting alliance, bringing together wonderful people and their opportunities in front of, on and behind the stage.”

Circus arts are perhaps the only constant when it comes to Andree: Trained street artist with a degree and now senior artist. His education as a circus artist at ENAC in Brussels was followed by further training in Amsterdam with Corpus Acrobatics and Bremen with Get a Grip. He completed BMC and dance training with Linda Hartley in London and Hamburg. He did his Master’s of Arts in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg.  He is the director of the Aerial Dance Academy and produces solo and ensemble pieces with his company ComaDa in the style of contemporary circus.

*Collaboration as project specific freelance work


Alice Greenhill

is an expert in business administration and has been passionate about contemporary circus for 15 years. She is one of two Zirkus ON’s managing directors, together with Yala Pierenkemper.

"Support through the 'Verbindungen fördern' programme continues to boost this young art form and recognises the volunteer work of BUZZ and many active people to date. It enables visibility, discourse and networking within performing arts."

Since 2019, Alice has been an active member of the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus e.V. (BUZZ)  Together with colleagues from BUZZ, she initiated the nationwide circus festival 'Zeit für Zirkus' in 2020 and has accompanied the first two editions as project leader. She joined the Zirkus ON Team in 2020. She is convinced by the necessity of a programme such as Zirkus ON for the genre’s further development in Germany.

Without Alice, the programme would not be what it is today.

RAPHAËLLE_1Y2A4271-2_Copyright_Kolja Huneck_edited.jpg

Raphaëlle Polidor

is a dancer and choreographer with a work base in Baden-Württemberg. Since May 2022, she has been production manager of Zirkus ON.

Since graduating from the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden in 2015, she has danced as part of various ensembles in Portugal and Germany. In addition to her artistic career, she holds a Master’s of Arts degree in cultural and creative industrial management and is responsible for various dance performances as a cultural and production manager. She is pleased to learn more about contemporary circus and to support the project.


Johannes Frisch_Bild_sw.jpg

Johannes Frisch

is a concert organizer, journalist, networker, bassist, press and public relations officer at Kulturzentrum TOLLHAUS Karlsruhe, co-organizer of ATOLL Festival and Zirkus ON board member.

stefan sw.jpg

Stefan Schönfeld

Is a director, circus producer, co-organizer of ATOLL Festival and Zirkus ON board member.

(Photo: Felix Groteloh)


Christine Ritter

has co-founded the legendary Rockzirkus GOSH, has been in the Cirque Archaos ensemble, Teatro ZinZanni, in Chamäleon Varieté productions, Cabaret Sauvage and the Artistokraten. Nowadays, she is the director of Pfefferberg Theater Berlin and Zirkus ON board member.


Verbindungen fördern-Netzwerk

Zirkus ON ist ein der neun Bündnisse des Netzwerks „Verbindungen fördern“. Zusammen bilden sie ein überregionales Netzwerk, das u.a. kulturpolitsch handelt, Wissen und Best Pratices austauscht. Mehr dazu: hier

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