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Our trailer for the Circus ONstage – Pro Festival gives you a taste of the first weekend in November at the Pfefferberg Theater.

We are looking forward to:

Club Girko with “Responsive Round”

Kathrin Wagner with “I Was Told.”

Knot on Hands with “Brace for Impact”

Lemon Press Collective with “The Trace of the Snail”

Lily & Janick with “Kaleiding”

Revue Regret with “Dear Doubts”

Roman Škadra with “Absurd Hero”

Sinking Sideways with “René”

Theresa Kuhn with “UN FiL QUI DÉFiLE”

a live connection to the Cie بلبل bolbol and the rehearsals of “OM”

(Trailer: Lukas Stelter,

The festival is aimed at the programers of festivals, cultural centers, residences, circus organizations, houses, city theaters, sample theaters, independent theaters and cultural offices.

Further event tip: Time for circus

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