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3 days, 11 shows and a birthday party ... ... we are very happy to announce the first festival of Zirkus ON!

Zirkus ONstage – Pro Festival

November 2nd - 4th, 2023 Pfefferberg Theater & Pfefferberg Haus 13, Berlin

Zirkus ONstage – Pro Festival presents circus creations of the last four Zirkus ON editions to a German and international professional audience and invites you to celebrate our 5th anniversary with us.

Klub Girko with "Responsive Round” Kathrin Wagner with „I Was Told.“ Knot on Hands with „Brace for Impact“ Lemon Press Collective with „The Trace of the Snail” Lily&Janick with „Kaleiding“ Revue Regret with “Dear Doubts” Roman Škadra with „Absurd Hero“ Sinking Sideways with „René“

Theresa Kuhn with „UN FiL QUi DÉFiLE“

and a short live broadcast to Cie بلبل bolbol and the rehearsal of "OMÂ".

Click here for details, the schedule and tickets (external link to the website of the Pfefferberg Theater)

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