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DELUSIONAL "I killed a man"

DELUSIONAL "I killed a man" is a contemporary circus solo show that embarks on a trans woman's journey.

The show explores the haunting feeling of having murdered one’s former self, a common experience for many trans women when leaving their assigned gender behind.

Through a multidisciplinary repertoire of circus disciplines such as aerials, dance, singing, and physical theatre, Diana Salles invites us to reflect on the physical and emotional strength it takes to honor one’s deepest truth. 

Directed by Firenza Guidi, it highlights the inherent connection between death and rebirth.



Winner Best of Fringe - DELUSIONAL ''I killed a man''

International Bursary Award - Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023


Performer and co-author I Diana Salles Artistic Director I Firenza Guidi Costume

Designer I Alexander Michael Arnold

Sound creation I Lukas Thielecke

Music I Stand by your man I Tammy Wynette Camera I Noah Jazz, Clara Rodríguez

Edit I Color grading I Diana Salles

Graphics I Théo Martin

Photography I Iveta Ryšavá, Ana Grancho, Bernadette Fink

Co-production I Zirkus ON creation alliance Fondazione Cirko Vertigo

Head Producer I Diana Salles

Distribution I Quartier Libre Productions

Touring dates:  DELUSIONAL



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