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open call

Zirkus ON Edition 5,  2023/24 

by the Kreationsbündnis für Zirkuskunst – Zirkus ON 


OPen call for:


  • Circus projects by artists and companies up to the 3rd creation

  • Projects by established circus artists and companies that want to reposition themselves through their artistic project 

Creation alliance Zirkus ON:

Zirkus ON is a creative alliance that intensively accompanies 3 selected circus projects in creation for 2 years. Hereby, Zirkus ON visibly increases the intensity of research, the diversity of form, the quality of artistic implementation, as well as the amount of circus presentations in Germany. 

The Zirkus ON creation programme supports cooperation offers, enhances joy of experimentation, helps to attract audiences,  promotes presentation formats, encourages aesthetic discourses, reflection, visions, and supports the recognition of circus arts in Germany. 

Zirkus ON encourages and perpetuates support and funding opportunities, the development of diverse creation formats, as well as decentralized cooperation in the field of circus art production and presentation. 

zirkus on creation programme:

  • Accompanies 3 circus projects (of any format) whose focus is to predominantly create in Germany in 2023 and 2024. 

  • Supports each project with 2 mentors in the areas of production and artistic development for one year 

  • 4-5, usually one-week residences per project (rehearsal location and accommodation, rehearsal fee according to the current minimum wage recommendation of BFDK, reimbursement of travel costs) 

  • Organizes stage presentations with the projects (work-in-progress presentations, showings and pitches) at the alliance partners’ 

  • Offers knowledge transfer formats and networking opportunities tailored to the projects’ needs 

  • Provides each project with 3,000 Euros of research budget and 1,500 Euros of teaser video production budget  

  • Creates exchange opportunities with alliance partners and the circus scene 

Application requirements:


  • The artists/companies have a contact address in Germany or are planning to move their base to Germany. 

  • During the 5th edition of Zirkus ON, the artists are not involved in any full-time apprenticeship or studies. 

  • The creation’s research phase has already begun.

  • The project is available for:  

    • The opening presentations at Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen from 26/5/23 to 31/5/2023.   

    • The stage presentations at the ATOLL Festival (Tollhaus Karlsruhe) from 1/9/23 until 23/9/23.   

    • Final presentations in autumn 2024 in a format corresponding to the creation. 

application parts:

  • contact information

    • project title, contact person / name of company

  • Short project description (500 characters max)

    • for publication in the jury statement, if the projects is selected

  • Detailed project description (1500 characters max)

    • including information on social and/or artistic relevance for one's own occupation and art form

  • Presentation of project schedule

    • planned artistic and technical implementation with timeline

  •  A brief description of the team

    • A short reference to each person and their profession 

  • Green rider & 1 access rider

    • with details on participation in the project and planned use of resources

  • Project portfolio

    • designed freely (max. 2 DinA4 pages) 

  • short video of the project 

    • the video should give a visual reference in relation to this specific project.

  • Project photo

    • for publication in the jury statement, should the project be selected

digital Q&A events:

  • 09. Feb., 18:00 – 19:30 MEZ
    via Zoom
    The Zirkus ON open call for its 5th edition of the creation program is still running until February 20 Sign up for the Q&A for the Open Call here
  • 16. Feb., 10:00 – 11:30 MEZ
    Anmeldung | Q&A zum Green Rider & Access Rider online via zoom | Deutsche und Englische Lautsprache #English: Registration form | Q&A for the Green Rider & Access Rider online in zoom | in German and English spoken language

Zirkus ON contact:

Marina Rieger (she/her)

Coordination and contact person for questions regarding Zirkus ON edition 5, 2023/24: 

subject: OPEN CALL

application form:

The application is submitted through the sending in the application material via the application form and by uploading the attachements on the Zirkus ON Website.

The application is only complete, if the application form (opens in a new browser window) and the uploads have been sent in.

If it is not possible to submit the application via the website, please send all information from the application form and the attachements to the following email:


subject: [project title]


Download application form as pdf-file.

Application period: 9/1/23 -20/2/23  

Application deadline: 20/2/23 11:59pm CET 

The application form opens in a new browser window

Upload attachements

Upload project image
Upload Dossier
Upload Presentation of project schedule
Green Rider upload
Access Rider upload

Die Uploads wurden eingereicht !

The uploads have been submitted !

jury 2023:

the jury 2023 will be presented here in February 2023

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Jury 2023
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application requirements
Creatin program 23-24
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